My apologies for not getting this up sooner, but I was down for a few days with minor back issues.


Contributions to the book are doing better.  It seems that e-bank transfers are the preferred method.  If you wish to support the publication of the book please send an email to lauralynnmcleanphoto@gmail.com.

The rewards are the same as offered on the Generosity site.

  • $20 – name in book
  • $30 or more – name in book + personal thank you note with keepsake image
  • $100 or more – all the above + a signed copy of the book

Roll call for contributors to date:

  • Erla Jean McCormick
  • McLean & McLean Computer Services
  • Casey (Karen) James
  • Pattycake and Kyle Adamson
  • Maggie and Piper
  • Breanne Lepore
  • Billie-Jo Schyler

Thanks to these folks the contributions I am at 10% of the necessary goal to get the books published.

Book details

It’s been a tough decision on making the final details on the layout, style, and format of the book.  At the beginning, I really wanted to produce a huge hard covered coffee table book, but to produce copies with such a small production would have been rather expensive.  Instead, I set a price that feel is fair and reflective of similar books.

The final book will be 8×10, soft covered, with full colour images, and up to 65 pages or more.  The final page count is yet to be determined as I’m still laying out the design. There will be twelve dogs in total gracing the pages, along with their tales as to how they see their lives.


book pages

Working on the design



The final book is $49.95 Canadian, not including taxes or shipping.  For those who want to secure a book, pre-ordering is offered with a non-refundable deposit of $25.  The balance is due 15 days after the release of the book.

Nearing the end of the sessions

I am down to two final sessions and all the photos will be completed.  Initially, there were two sessions for each dog, but with time constraints it will not be possible.  I am returning back to school in September which will take up most of my available spare time.  There is still plenty of work to be done on the book.  A bonus is that if I can get everything in order the book may be available in time for Christmas holiday giving.


Charlie sneak peek




Slow start at raising the funding


Raising funds is difficult when you can’t show a final project to someone.  The folks at Generosity are amazing, but donations are not coming in as hoped.  This week’s total is $30 from a single donator, Maria Bennett.

While I had hoped that the cause would generate more interest, I am not giving up.  It’s way too early to see how things go.  I’m plugging away at telling everyone I can about the project and why I need the cash.  So if you haven’t contributed yet, please consider doing so.  Every little dollar really does help and if you go to the donations site you’ll even get rewarded, from a high five to a signed copy of the book for selected amounts.

Other ways I’m looking at for raising funds

In the last month or so I’ve been taking photos of the dogs at the Germain Off Leash Dog Park in Sarnia.  It’s therapeutic and fun for me at the same time.  I decided to reach out the dog owners by offering to sell 4×6 images of their canine family members to them. So far there have been a few interested owners from that group on Facebook wishing to purchase photos.  It’s always nice to connect to the community!

I’ve also, applied to The Awesome Foundation, Sarnia chapter for a grant of $1,000 which would make my day if the project was selected.

You can donate through PayPal now

You can now donate directly through PayPal for any amount you like.  You do not need to set up an account to use this feature. Consider sending in a small donation of even $2 today.  You can do this via this link.. WordPress doesn’t allow me to post the donate now button.

I’ve selected a charity


The wonderful folks at the registered charity, CK Animal Rescue have accepted my offer to donate partial proceeds of the book.  The all-volunteer team of this organization relies solely on public funds and services my local community of Sarnia, Ontario, both of these fit the criteria of being selected.

CK Animal Rescue provides the following as retrieved from their website page, About Us:

*Take in local owner surrenders as well as dogs from high-kill shelters that are scheduled to be euthanized.

* Place dogs and cats into approved foster homes until loving adoptive homes are found.

* Provide permanent foster homes for dogs that are deemed unadoptable due to abuse, disability or advanced age.

* Provide short-term foster care for dogs and cats through our Purple Leash Program for owners who are being hospitalized or fleeing domestic abuse.

* Provide classroom presentations to teach school-aged children about compassion and kindness towards animals.

By making a donation to the Generosity fundraising page you are assisting me in raising money for publishing the final book.  The initial production (if all funding is reached) will include 200 books, resulting in a possible $1,000 donation for CK Animal Rescue which will be received in monthly installments based on book sales starting March 2018.

If all 20 books made available through Rewards on the Generosity fundraising page are claimed, then an initial donation of $100 will occur on October 15, 2017.

The fundraising for this project ends on September 30th, 2017.





Crowdfunding with generosity


I made the jump to start the crowdfunding for the project.  I’m very nervous as asking for money is a big step to the success of this project.  Without people backing the project, it simply cannot launch.  Please be sure to visit the donations page to contribute even a small amount.  I would be forever thankful.


The folks at Indiegogo.com have a great program called Generosity, that doesn’t take the normal 5% for campaigns if the funds are going towards a charity.  Through email, they felt that this project fell into a charitable cause since partial proceeds are going towards helping local animals.  For those who are wondering where the funding is going, I’ve not decided as of yet.

I have been in contact with a few local area charities, and have not heard back.  Fingers crossed by next week I’ll have the charity selected.


Raising funds for the book


Book details (pre-production)

I’ve finally settled on a publisher for the book.  There were many factors to consider when choosing the company to do the job.  One of the most important was the ability to divide the printing options between single copy for personalization or volume orders.

I’m striving to keep the book at the reasonable rate of between $65-90 so that a good portion of the sale profits can go to the selected charity.  The book I want to produce is a mid-size landscape hardcover with excellent paper.   This will give about 80 pages filled with story and photos, covering all twelve families.

Crowdfunding … the first steps

Before publishing the book I need to raise the initial production funds.  An estimate of $22,000 has been provided to supply me with the first run of books and cover the expense of crowdfunding fees.

Kickstarter is a well-known name in Crowdfunding, though if the goal is not reached I receive none of the donations.  Indiegogo is looking more promising as they provide all of the funds raised during the campaign, regardless if it reaches its goal.  Both services take 5%, plus another 3% for each transaction processed.  Another option is to set up a direct donation link with PayPal, for those who do not wish to have a reward for supporting the publication costs.

For now, I am left with what to offer as rewards and at what donation points.  Any suggestions would be welcome.

Instagram is now live


I’ve started up an Instagram account specific to this project.  Here you will find a few extra special sneak peeks from each of the twelve dogs involved.  The images reflect their unique personalities.  Not every sneak peek will make it into the book, so I thought it would be nice to show others what other images the owners will be able to enjoy.

As I photograph each dog, additional images will be posted.


Minor set back


Over the last several weeks of creating the images for the book, I managed to overwork my right arm causing severe pain causing an inability to hold my camera for more than 10 minutes at a time.  The pain feels like the tendonitis flaring up again.  Back to wearing my brace for support and healing.

For my canine friends, this means more time is required to set up and photograph each session.  My arm needs more breaks in between sets.  Luckily I only have a few sessions coming up in the next two weeks.  It will be a perfect time to let my arm heal a bit before the big blitz at the end of the month.

The month of August is reserved for spending with family before sessions recommence in September.  I’m expecting to complete all the second sets by mid-November.


Morning routine